I love Savage Garden, Darren Hayes and HIM music a lot. Love color purple/violet/magenta, the moon and fountains... so, that's what you find here... plus some others interesting things I like too.
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  Colored Pencil Eye  by  artist Redosking

Illusion has been known for featuring a lot of eye art, Other than the heart and genital areas, the eye is also a popular organ drawn by artists, possibly because there is fascination and truth to it being “the Window to the Soul.” Artist Redosking is another fine hyperrealist who looks closely at details of the iris, cornea and eyelids.

Texas-based graffiti artist Redosking draws fantastically detailed eyes using colored pencils. It seems like eyes are a common muse for illustrators working in the realm of hyperrealism but these particular  by .pieces seem above and beyond the average attempt. You can also follow him on Instagram. via Illusion